5 Top Lowest Maintenance Bathroom Plants Best for your home

Mostly Bathrooms don’t have many plants because the conditions of the bathroom or restroom are not suitable for plants. Bathrooms always have to change temperatures, full of humidity, etc. Nowadays the popularity of houseplants has been increasing. The house plants are basically for home decor and also use as natural air purifiers. As a result of that, people place home plants in their bathrooms also. It may sound like strange but you can also keep plants in your bathroom.

Not all houseplants are best for your bathroom, as all plants cannot live in harsh conditions.

The plants which love humidity are suitable for your bathroom. Some house plants like  Snake plants, fiddle leaf figs, etc these popular house plants will thrive in your bathroom.

Why Do People Put Plants In The Bathroom?


Plants are one of the best things to boost your energy. Indoor plants or Outdoor plants whatever it is, the lush green will always increase your energy. If we keep plants in our bathroom, it will also be very beneficial for our minds. It is very true that we start our day in the bathroom. When we keep house plants in the bathroom they will make positive energy. It will help you to start your day with some positive vibes. 


Indoor Plants purify the air which we breathe. As well indoor plants have many other beneficial effects. They Increased positive feelings and reduced feelings of anxiety, anger, and sadness.

The quantity of pollutants in your home’s air decrease day by day. Studies suggest that indoor air contains five times more contaminants than outside air. Most air – conditioning systems recycle indoor air and don’t remove contaminants. It’s hard to avoid hazardous compounds between cosmetic products, cleaning goods, and bathroom waste.

Shower plants help minimize airborne pollutants. Plants remove carbon dioxide and replace this with oxygen while filtering out poisons. Bathroom plants improve air quality (and cleaner). NASA researchers found that ordinary houseplants may eliminate indoor air contaminants. Bathrooms are ideal for air-cleaning plants. Plants to keep in the bathroom include Mother-in-Tongue, Law’s English Ivy, and Peace Lily, all of which help enhance oxygen.

Asparagus Fern – Asparagus Densiflorus ‘Sprengeri’

The asparagus fern is a perfect plant for the bathroom. They can survive in high humidity. This is the reason, they are perfect for your bathroom. It is best for Asparagus Fern to be a bathroom plant and you should keep Asparagus Fern in a hanging basket. It is best for the plant.

Asparagus fern lives in indirect bright sunlight and out of direct sunlight. You can water it regularly. You should be aware that the soil or compost remains moist but not soggy.

Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus Lyrata)

This a good-looking plant because it has pretty broad leaves. This one is not only efficient in removing chemicals but also effectively reduces humidity as well. Permanent humidity may cause fungal problems indoors you can place this one in such rooms. Fungus or mold can also cause breathing issues, so this plant can be of great help. For its care keep it in a bright place. Direct sun will also work for it. Just don’t keep it in a dark spot. It likes humid and warm spaces. Keep it near a window.

Snake Plant(Sansevieria Trifasciata)

The Scientific name of the Snake Plant is Dracaena Trifasciata. In the last four to five years, snake plants have become very common and famous. For those people who keep indoor plants in their homes, you will find snake plants somewhere at their houses, in societies, in malls, in offices, and in restaurants.

These are the two biggest reasons why they are famous; the first is that if you keep it at your home, then the concentration of oxygen increases, the air purifies and there is freshness in the room.  And the second biggest reason is that if you keep it in your bedroom, then neither you will have any problem, nor it will have a problem. This is a very hardy and low-maintenance plant.

This is a very hardy, very strong plant if you understand it. If you understand this, then you can make many plants from one plant free of cost. 

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboos are small in size, groomed in various shapes and patterns. These are not actually bamboo but a variety of Dracaena. Because of its similarity to bamboo regarding leaves and stems. It is named Lucky Bamboo. These plants are called lucky because they absorb harmful compounds from the air making their surroundings rich in oxygen. Lucky bamboo needs less care and caring for lucky bamboo is easy.

They are best for your bathroom as they are low-maintenance plants. Lucky Bamboo remains in the water but its water needs to be changed weekly. So you don’t need any soil or anything.  It should not be kept in a dark area and it cannot tolerate direct harsh sunlight either so keep it in an area that gets diffused morning sunlight from a window. So it is perfect for your bathroom decorations.

Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

Peace Lily is a beautiful ornamental indoor plant. This is a NASA-recommended Air Purifying Plant. Its scientific name is Spathothylum and the genus name means spathe leaf. It is a lovely indoor air-purifying plant as recommended the NASA. 

While there are around 50 different species of Peace lilies. There is a handful that is most common. Unless it’s variegated meaning it has multi-hued leaves. All Peace lilies share a similar look. Beautiful lush full leaves with dark emerald hues and white flowering leaves called spades. These resemble the white flag of peace for which this plant is known for.

Peace lilies are popular among plant novices for their ability to tolerate different light conditions indoors. For this reason, it is the perfect plant for your bathroom garden. They thrive in medium to bright indirect light indoors as well as tolerate low indirect light.

Peace Lilies are one of the most useful plants for decorating the interior of both homes and professional spaces but beyond being decorative it still has a more interesting side as it has the ability to filter and clean the air of toxins while enriching the atmosphere with oxygen. It is a humid-loving plant and the bathroom is the place where the humidity is always available. So the Peace Lily makes the perfect and best bathroom plant for your home.

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