How to Care, Grow, and Propagate Jade Plant( Crassula Ovata)?

Just like there is a money plant, there is also a lucky plant. The scientific name of this jade plant is Crassula ovata. This is basically a South African plant, not an Indian one. People believe that keeping Jade plants at home brings luck. Apart from this, it looks very beautiful and unique. It is of green, white and mixed color. You can make it bonsai, hang it in a hanging basket, and plant it in small and different-sized pots. 

1. Sunlight and Temperature:-

Jade Plant is considered as an Indoor plant but this is not an indoor plant at all. People ask all the time that Does Jade Plants need Direct Sunlight?  In a nursery, it is sold as an indoor plant, and it is said that it is kept in direct sunlight for one or two days a week, which is not correct. This typical outdoor plant needs 4-5 hours of Direct Sunlight. If you keep it inside it will survive for a few days, because it is a succulent, because succulents do not die so quickly. But in a few days, the problem starts, and growth stops. So I request you to keep it outside. If it is too hot in May-June, you can keep it in shade but outside only. And you can not keep it outside, then keep it inside but near the window where there is a lot of Sunlight.

2. Water:-

This is a common question How often water a Jade plant? As this is a succulent there is already water in its stem and roots, so despite being an outdoor plant, keep a little gap in giving water to it. Water only when the soil dries. Don’t water the plant too often, it may cause the root to rot. 

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3. Soil:-

The soil of this plant should be well-drained. As soon as the water is poured into it, the soil absorbs the water. Extra water is drained out from the drainage hole. Water should not be stored in the soil. For that, you have to make a perfect soil mixture. You need three things, Soil, sand, and compost. The ratio of these three things will be such that, Whatever quantity of soil you have taken, compost should be half of it. Take sand equal to compost. By taking the mixture of these three, you have to prepare the soil of the jade plant. 

4. Pest Attack:-

Jade plant i.e. lucky plant is a very strong plant. Generally, this plant is not infected by pests but sometimes mealybug attacks. Once a week, neem spray is a must. And keep it away from hibiscus, because both of them have the same types of insects. 

The quantity of pollutants in your home’s air decrease day by day. Studies suggest that indoor air contains five times more contaminants than outside air. Most air – conditioning systems recycle indoor air and don’t remove contaminants. It’s hard to avoid hazardous compounds between cosmetic products, cleaning goods, and bathroom waste.

5. Fertilizer:-

However, there is no such need for fertilizers in the Jade plant as it spreads so fast. But if you give cow dung fertilizer 2-3 times a year then it is very good. 

Care For Jade Plant

7. Propagation:-

First of all, you have to take a cutting of this plant, wherever the jade plant is available just take its cuttings. There is no hard and fast rule for cuttings, but that cutting should be healthy. Do not cut pluck it by hand. It has to be cut with any sharp tool like scissors, blade, pruner, or knife. You can plant the cutting in two ways. One is in the cocopeat and the other in the soil.

i)You have to mix any compost in coco-peat. But make sure moisture is present in the cocopeat. If the coco-peat is a bit dry then add some water, Do not add water if it is already wet. 

ii) Take the soil of any pot in which any plant is already growing. No need to take any new soil mixture. If you take a new soil then the chances for success of cutting are less. You need not give water as it already contains moisture. You water these only when their top layer means the cocopeat also looks like little dry and the top of the soil should also look dry. Roots will be developed within the next 45 days.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Is the jade plant lucky for home?

As per Vastu Jade Plant is considered a Lucky Plant. It is also known as the wealth plant. According to Vastu, the Jade plant will bring Good luck and Wealth to your house, But it has to be placed in the southeast corner of the House. You can also place the plant in your office or at the entrance of your house to bring good luck.

How can I make my jade plant grow faster?

There are 2-3 methods to Jade Plants grow faster. First of all, cut or prune the branches of the Plant, and then you see new stems and branches coming out. Secondly, change the soil of the plant, because over time soil loses its nutrients, so the growth becomes slow. So change the soil and see the changes in the growth of the Jade Plant. Thirdly, Change the pot to a bigger size than the existing one and add new soil. Don’t cut any stems or anything just do the repot.

What does an unhealthy jade plant look like?

The leaves of a healthy jade plant are very fleshy. Means are thick and shiny. But if your Jade plant has some problem, then you can identify the problem by looking at the leaves. If the leaves are turning yellowish, thin, and falling, it means there is water deficiency. If the leaves are healthy, but still falling, it means you have overwatered. If there are black spots on the leaves is a problem with the roots. Either fungus or infection or maybe overwatering. Then you have to change its soil.


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