How To Care And Grow Jasmine Flower Plant Fast?

Jasmine is a Delicate flower. Jasmine is famous for its unique tropical smell. This Jasmine flower has some common names in India. The names of Jasmine are Juhi, Chameli, Mogra, etc. The jasmine flower is usually white. The scientific name of Jasmine is Jasminum. 

Jasmine has a strong yet sweet fragrance. This is special about the jasmine. People love this flower because of its unique fragrance. People make soap, perfume, candles, and lotions for this scent of Jasmine. Jasmine is a vine that native to India and China. Jasminum (Arabian jasmine) is a jasmine species from tropical Asia, from the Indian subcontinent to Southeast Asia.

The Jasmine plant has bright green, glossy leaves. The plant likes bright direct sunlight as well as some lightly shaded area. Its bright green leaves and sweet fragrance of jasmine flowers will definitely blow your mind and if you inhale the smell it can reduce your whole day’s stress, mood swings to everything negative in your life. You can call this smell a stress-buster. 

When to plant Jasmine

You can plant jasmine any time between the month of June and November.

Where to plant Jasmine

The plant likes bright direct sunlight as well as some partly shaded area. Jasmine which grows in Summer does better in bright sunlight, But other varieties, which grow in winter like a partly shaded area.

How To Care Jasmine Flower Plant?

Soil for Jasmine

Jasmine thrives in well-drained soil. Jasmine Plant needs moist soil but they should be well-drained. Fertile sandy, loamy soil is best for Jasmine. If you have Arabian Jasmine, you need a slightly acidic rich organic mix that also is well-drained. You cannot mix any normal garden soil into the mixture. When you make the soil for Jasmine you should use coconut husk coir and peat moss.

Fertilizer for Jasmine:-

Organic Compost and some high-quality soil are needed for Jasmine. You can also add cow manure. Cow manure is also good for Jasmine. You can give fertilizer to Jasmine at any time of the year. It will be beneficial for your plant. In the month of Summer feed your plant once a week with manure with high Potash. In the season of autumn, you can add rotted manure. The best Fertilizer for Jasmine is NPK. The ratio of the NPK should be 5-10-10 or 10-10-10. You should fertilize your plant before the flower buds come. 


You should water your Jasmine Plant according to weather, place of potting, etc. Jasmine flowers are watered once a week if it is in the ground. If the weather is too hot or dry, then you will have to increase the watering. But you have to wait till the soil of the plant will dry. If you pot your jasmine in a pot, you have to water the plants multiple times, especially in Summer. First, check the soil with a finger, when the soil dries out completely, then add water to the plant. Don’t overwater the plant. It causes root rot and this may stop the growth of the plant and stop flowering.


Jasmine is mainly an outdoor plant. So it needs bright sunlight to survive. Jasmine needs full sun or some partly shaded area. The Jasmine usually needs about 6 hours or more than that of direct sunlight every day. And If your jasmine plant is kept in the partly shaded area then it needs 2-4 hours of sunlight per day. You have to know what type of Jasmine plant you have and then you have to take care according to your plants, weather, and climate. Jasmine grows well Outdoor and also in well-lit indoors. Some varieties of Jasmine can live in the low-light area but they stop blooming at that condition. That’s why Jasmine needs bright sunlight for flowers. 

jasmine flower plant

How to prune Jasmine

The first step of pruning a Jasmine plant is to remove damaged and dead stems from the plant. This can help to prevent or spread any disease. This plant should prune right after flowering. After flowering remove the stems that will have no flower. The best time to prune the jasmine is at the end of Summer or in early autumn. Whenever you prune the jasmine plant after flowering, the next season it gives the new growth time to mature and flower. 

How To Grow Jasmine Flower Plant Faster?

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