Caring Tips For Lucky Bamboos That Bring Good Luck

The name of the plant is Lucky Bamboo. Is Lucky Bamboo really bamboo? Why does Lucky Bamboo consider lucky? How can we properly maintain this plant?  Let us discuss all these questions. 

Traditional bamboos are usually very tall and thick but the lucky bamboos are small in size, groomed in various shapes and patterns. These are not actually bamboo but a variety of Dracaena. Because of its similarity to bamboo regarding leaves and stems. It is named Lucky Bamboo. These plants are called lucky because they absorb harmful compounds from the air making their surroundings rich in oxygen.

Place and Direction:- 

Lucky Bamboo can be kept in an office, study, or any other place in the east direction. It should not be kept in a dark area and it cannot tolerate direct harsh sunlight either so keep it in an area that gets diffused morning sunlight from a window. 


Lucky Bamboo remains in the water but its water needs to be changed weekly. Always fill purified or RO water. Excess salts in water might harm the plant and could leave marks on your glass jar as well. Wash the pebbles and roots thoroughly in running water during every change to keep them insect free. 


Lucky Bamboo thrives in temperatures between 18 degree-35 degrees Celcius. During extreme climates, it might rot or burn. If the leaves turn yellow, cut them. If the stems turn yellow it means they have rotten, so remove them immediately as they might affect other stems too making them impossible to revive. After removing the rotten stems remember to tighten the red ribbon to make it hold all stems firmly. If most of the stems turn yellow, it’s always better to save the green ones by shifting them to the soil. They do well in soil too. 


If you grow Lucky Bamboo in soil then you have to keep in mind that that soil must be well drained. Lucky Bamboo prefers moist soil. But if you add too much water to the soil it can give a negative impact on the plant. You have to water the plant when the top of the inch of soil is dry.

The most commonly asked question is Why does the bamboo plant turn yellow?

The main reason bamboo plants turn yellow is Either over-watering or Under-watering. And there will be another reason is the lack of proper nutrition. So you have to take care of the soil of the plant should well drainage and for nutrition you have to give organic compost annually.

Why does Lucky Bamboo consider lucky? 

The plant itself is considered as Wood, pebbles as Earth (pebbles hold the plant in position too), the plant has water element as its base, and red ribbon which ties the stems together denotes Fire, and finally put a coin in water which symbolizes Metal. For this reason, we considered Lucky. And we call it Bamboo because its leaves are exactly like the big bamboo trees. So we called the plant Lucky Bamboo. But it is actually a variety of Dracaena. 

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