Unlocking the Secrets of Caring For Areca Palm: Proven Strategies(Dypsis lutescens)

Caring for Areca palm (Dypsis lutescens) is an art that brings nature's splendor into your home or office space. With its graceful fronds and vibrant green foliage, the Areca palm has become popular among plant enthusiasts. This tropical beauty adds an elegant touch to any room and offers numerous health benefits by purifying the air. This comprehensive guide will delve into the essentials of Areca palm care, including lighting requirements, watering tips, and maintaining optimal humidity levels. Whether a seasoned plant parent or a beginner, caring for Areca palm will reward you with a lush and flourishing oasis.

We can see areca palm everywhere from restaurants to offices, to cafes to our homes the stylish tall plant with narrow fern-like leaves is an excellent indoor Air-Purifier too. However, Areca can also be a little fussy to grow, especially for beginners or if this is the first time You are growing the plant. But don’t worry we have got your back and here is the solution to how you can take care of your plants.


Now when it comes to caring for Areca Palm, Sunlight is very important. Areca Palm can grow up to 30 ft. in height. Which means it needs a lot of space to grow. You can grow the plant both indoors and outdoors. All it needs medium light space in your room, balcony, terrace, garden, or office. Areca Palm can tolerate direct sunlight as well but in that case, it would become yellow. It is not an unhealthy plant in that case but if u want lashes green, then you should keep it in a space that gets indirect bright light, not direct Sunlight.

caring for areca palm

Temperature and Humidity

When it comes to temperature and humidity for this plant, Areca is not really fond of cold temperatures like winter is not it does very well. So when the temperature goes under 20 degrees Celsius the plant becoming not so happy, and that’s the problem you would see in Air-conditioned offices. So the temperature has to be between 20-35 degrees. If it gets too cool in your office or anywhere else you shouldn’t go for Areca.

Areca Palm Soil And Fertilizer

Moist Soil is the best choice when the topic comes in discuss on caring for areca palm. So you should add water whenever the soil on the top looks dry. But the soil should be well draining. It shouldn’t be such that the water is standing on the soil. For that reason, you should use more cocopeat in the soil of Areca.

Add cocopeat or perlite to improve drainage. For good nutrition for your plant, you can add some sort of compost because these are heavy feeders. That means it needs a lot of fertilizer. When it says that it is a heavy feeder it means you need to get fertilizer in once in 3 months. However, do not feed Areca anything during the dormancy period and winter is the dormancy period. So when Spring comes in do fertilize your plants and then follow the 3 monthly cycles. 

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Whenever the top of the soil looks dry you can add water. You can use a watering can, glass, or mug to water the plant. Just make sure that the top of the soil is becoming compact, and loosen them to improve watering. For Areca especially the huge one, you would see the compactness in the soil. You also have to notice that there is hard water like fluoride in your water then sometimes the plant looks burnt.


Pruning is one of the crucial factors when the matter is related to caring for areca palm. Pruning is essential in Areca because it turns brown as the environment changes. The brown in its leaf would result from extreme heat and overwatered. . So use a scissor to prune the leaf of the areca when you observe a brown tecture in it’s leaf.


As per propagation, Spring is the best time to propagate. The plant really enjoys the temperature and humidity in the spring. So you can start them from seed cuttings. The best way to propagate is when you see the pot full of this plant and you would see the roots are coming out, then you can take this out and then you can separate the babies out. In that case, from one single plant, you will have many many babies coming out of it, and then you plant it. Now water this plant when you propagate once in 24 hours and keep the pot away from direct Sunlight. Proper caring of the areca palm welcomes new beautiful green baby leaves in its branches, which look attractive to decorate your home.

propagation caring tips for areca palm

Another important factor that often gets ignored in this plant is the planter size. Remember the Areca does not do very well in very huge planters. They do well in smaller pots and planters. You can repot the plant once a year.

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