How To Grow And Take Care Of Money Plants At Home

Helping to grow money plants and taking care of money plants at home is a very easy task. comes under the category of Pothos. It has many colors, varieties, and names but we call it a money plant. The money plant is like a snake plant which is a very hardy and low-maintenance plant that is easy to care for and it purifies the air also. We all want to have a money plant in our house and that too should be very dense. But there are some people who are unable to plant cuttings of money plants in their house and even if there is a money plant, it is not dense.

We often notice that at some people’s houses money plant is placed in the South-East direction or in the north entrance direction. According to vastu or feng-suiexperts it is the best direction for money plant eco-system. Placing money plant in the south-east direction or north direction brings luck, prosperity and monry attraction.The money plant is very dense and giant, like a forest, and if you ask them How do you take care of your money plant? then their direct answer is we do nothing. It is growing by itself, which is why the money plant is considered the best headache-free plant for gardening for senior people who takes this as a beloved hobby. And this is true to an extent. If a money plant gets set in your house then no one can stop its growth. You just keep cutting off it, it keeps on growing. So, what we need to do is to set the money plant in our house.


It is a Summer plant, that grows very well from February to October. Its growth slows down a bit in winter. The leaves will turn yellow and black. Sort the leaves and keep them in a place where it gets some heat, as soon as the weather changes, as soon as spring comes, its growth will increase again. But if you ask What is the best season for Money Plant? Then the answer will be that the best season for the money plant is monsoon, which means rain. Its cutting and this plant both grow very fast in the rain. 

How to take a Money Plant?

  • You can bring money plants to your home in two ways. First, you can buy it from the nursery. When you buy it from the nursery, either you will get it in a pot or will get it in a poly bag. If you will get the plant in a pot, then you do not have to disturb this plant. Do not repot it at any cost. Let it set. And if it is in a polybag, then you should wait for six to seven days. When you feel that this plant is not under stress, it has been set in the house then you can shift it. When you repot the Money Plant, You will keep in mind that we need to do the repotting in the evening. The second thing is when you repot it, the moss stick that is attached should not be disturbed. The roots and the soil that is there should not be disturbed. 
  • Our second option was cutting. You can bring the cutting by stealing or by borrowing or by anyway. Whenever you will take the cutting, you have to keep in mind that you have to take a cutting of a healthy plant. And the second thing when you take the cutting, you will try that the branch which is there should have three to four nodes. Money plants never grow from leave; It always grows from nodes, the aerial root. 

How To Take Care Of Money Plant At Home?

Caring for an Epipremnum aureum or in general word Money plant Tree is simple. First, place it in a location with indirect sunlight – though the plant can withstand any level of light – as indirect sun will facilitate its development. Next, water moderately until one inch of soil has dried out prior to applying another application of moisture – overwatering may result in root rot causing waterlogging problems.

Use a soil mix that drains well and containers with drainage holes, and fertilize it once every month with an organic liquid fertilizer that promotes healthy plant growth.

Pruning will promote bushier plant growth. Remove dead or yellowing leaves regularly to maintain the appearance. Money plants are trained to climb or trail, making them adaptable to different environments.

Protect the plant from harsh winds and extreme temperatures by maintaining indoor temperatures between 65-85degF (18-29degC). Clean its leaves regularly to remove dust that could interfere with photosynthesis.

When propagating, water cuttings should first be placed in water until their roots have established themselves, before being transferred into soil. Don’t overlook the money plant’s ability to purify indoor air as an additional feature! Its aesthetic value doesn’t end here!

Lets consider each points to discuss in details

The following techniques would help you to grow money plants fast in your place. Growing a money plant involves proper propagation, pruning, cutting, soil, planter, location and adequate watering. Failing one of these identical parameters could prevent you from developing a thriving money plant branch.


We can plant a cutting in several ways, We can apply it in coco peat, in the sand, and many other ways. But we are talking about two main types of propagation.

Cutting in water

The first is in water. To plant it in water, you need a bottle; glass, plastic, whatever bottle you can take. Water is to be filled in it and the cutting stick should be slightly longer, it should have at least two to three aerial roots. You just need to fill the water in the bottle and plant it in the water, simple. This method is very easy; cutting gets planted in it for sure.

Although its growth is very slow, plants grow very fast in the soil. It does not have that much speed of growth but still cutting gets planted in it. There are some mistakes made by some people for that cutting does not even get planted in the water. You have to keep in mind that -i) choose a long branch.

                ii) When you put this cutting in water for the first time, you will change its water after the first twenty-four hours. If there is dust or soil in the cutting, then it comes down to the water.

               iii) You will change the water of the cutting every seven days. If you do not change, then the growth of the plant will stop, and along with it, the smell starts coming into the water and insects also start occurring. 

              iv) If you have planted a cutting in water and it is getting rotten from below, then no worries, just take out that cutting, cut whatever area is getting spoiled below, wash the cutting thoroughly with water, clean the bottle, fill it with new water, plant this cutting in it.

When we plant cutting in water, we see roots in ten to fifteen days. If you want to grow the plant in the water, you can grow it this way.

Cutting planted in soil

You will take the soil of a pot in which there is already a plant. We have to cut them in such a way that one node comes in each part. After cutting we will make a little hole in the soil, We do not need to bury it at the very bottom, will make a little hole, and bury this cutting in the soil with the node. 

The benefit of planting in such a way is that if there is a cutting fails or gets spoiled, then the rest of the cuttings will be planted right. And whenever all the cuttings will grow, the pot will look very dense and healthy. 

grow and take care money plants at home

Soil Mixture

The first thing when we will take the soil, we will check that the soil should not hard. If the soil is hard then the cutting will not survive. Choosing the best soil mixture is crucial for your plant’s growth. And the soil should not be too wet or swampy. So, the soil should be medium. If you feel that the soil is too hard, then add some sand to it. Soil should always be well-drained means the drainage system of the soil should be very good. When we give water from the above, the soil should absorb the water immediately,

it should not be swampy, and water should not stagnate on top, and the excess water that is there should immediately drain out of the drainage hole. You need to take compost half of the soli you have taken, you can take compost. Like vermicompost, leave compost, kitchen compost, and cow dung compost. You need to take coco peat half of the compost you have taken and you need to take sand as much as you have taken coco peat and river sand. We will mix it well and this soil is perfect for a money plant.


Placing money plant in home is simple but you should be careful that you will not keep this plant in strong sunlight. Now it is coming to your mind that whether you are keeping it in bright light or medium light, keeping it indoors or outdoors, keeping it under the shade or under the green net on the terrace, keeping it under either morning or evening sunlight, wherever you are keeping it, it depends on you but you will not keep it under the strong sunlight.

You can keep the money plants anywhere inside, there should be light in the room, which is enough. One thing that some people do is keep the money plants inside for five days a week and keep them outside for two days under the sun. So they sometimes place it inside and out, and because of that, your money plant doesn’t set and does not show that much growth. To see a good spot where you want to keep the money planted and keep them on it and do not move it too much, let it set.

Planter/Pot Size

This factor is very important for the growth of the money plants and that is how its pot should be. You can keep money plants in a small pot. You can keep the money plant in a small pot but it needs a pot of a maximum of eight to ten inches. It does not need a bigger pot than this.

If you have planted the money plant in a plastic pot or in a ceramic one, you would not repot it until its roots come out. Either it will start coming out of the soil from above or it will come out from the hole below. Unless they tell you themselves that now the time has come for shifting, you will not shift it and if it is planted in the soil or in a cement pot, then these pots crack or break automatically. When it breaks and tells that now the time has come for repot then only you will repot .


Money plant needs a little more humidity, water, and a little more moisture in the soil. So whether you have kept the money plant inside or outside, you will take care of one thing its soil should not dry out completely. When you feel that the soil of the money plant is about to dry up, you can touch it or also can see normally that its soil is going to dry up, Whenever you will give the water, give it properly.

If you want your money plant to shine, and look beautiful and healthy, then whenever you pour water, you will wash its leaves, with a spray, and clean them thoroughly. What happens by cleaning is that the dust gets removed so that it looks smooth and clean and the second thing is that the photosynthesis is done well and the growth of the plant is very good. 


  1. Where To Place Money Plant At Home?

    Money Plants should be placed in the South-East direction of your room. Money Plants are related to money and wealth. Lord Ganesha is the God of wealth and prosperity. Lord Ganesha loves to reside in the South-East direction. Lord Ganesha (Preferably known as Ganapati Bappa in the Hindu religion) blesses with wealth and abundance if you place this in the South-East direction.

  2. How To Grow Money Plant In Soil?

    To grow a money plant in the soil, select an healthy cutting with a leaf node, plant in soil that is well-drained , Water it well, then plant in indirect light. Support climbing vines, prune for bushier growth. With proper care, your plant will flourish indoors, bringing greenery as well as positivity to your living space.

  3. What Fertilizer To Use For Money Plant?

    To maintain a thriving money plant, apply an organic liquid fertilizer with a N-P-K (Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium) ratio of 10-10-10 or 20-20-20 on a regular basis from summer through spring (spring as well as summer) before gradually decreasing frequency during the winter season. Be mindful that moderation is the key to healthy growth without an overload of fertilizer buildup.

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