How To Take Care Of Indoor Plants During Summer

Plants are like our babies, and taking care of plants during summer is crucial. Taking care of plants seems like self-care. As we care for our children likewise we have to take care of plants. If you have house plants then you have to take good care of those indoor plants this summertime.

Indoor Plants like bamboo plants that basically welcome good luck are basically to decorate your home and beautify the space you live and some plants also purify the air. The heat of summer is finally here. In this Summer season, they need more care than in any other season. So here are some simple care tips for taking care of indoor plants during summer, especially to survive a heat wave.

1. Keep an eye on Sun Exposure:-

In the heat wave of summer, taking care of plants becomes even more important. if we continuously walk, stand, or do any work we will surely feel faint in the heat. then think what the situation of the plants in this hot wave. As we protect ourselves from Sun rays by putting on sunscreen, taking an umbrella and all that, just like that we have to do some care for our plants also.

Try to shift your plant from the hottest parts of your home. keep the plants where the sunlight comes indirectly not in a direct way. This is how you can spare plants from the heat wave of the Sun.

2. Making high humidity:-

There are some plants that prefer humidity. such as Peace Lily, Calathea, and some ferns. This type of plant needs to be misted frequently during this summertime. spray plants with water to increase humidity. Other than that you can take a dish filled with pebbles, and add water. Then put your planter on the top of the pebbles. It will make humid for your plant and survive the summer.

3. Watering the Plant:-

Proper watering is the main key to taking care of indoor plants during summer. You have to water the plants carefully. In this heat wave, water evaporates from the soil very quickly. So in this season, the plants need deep watering. If you do not water properly, the top of the soil gets wet but the other portion keeps dry. as well as if you overwater the plants, it is also bad for plants’ health. So before watering the plant, you should check the moisture of the soil by moisture meter or with your finger. It’s called a finger test. You put your finger into the soil deep to check the proper moisture of the soil and then water the plants.

4. Feed the Plant:-

Every plant makes its own food in its leaves and with the help of water and sunlight. But they also need some food from outside also which have to provide by us. As human beings we need some type of supplements, in the same way, plants also need some food for their good growth.Feed them vermicompost.But in this heat wave don’t fertilize the plants.

5. Keep the plants cool:-

Keep your plants in a place where the heat of the Sun won’t come. Plants need sunlight to survive but indoor plants don’t need the heat waves of the Sun. Close those windows from the heat waves come or move on to the other room during this period. But you should keep in mind that plants get proper indirect bright sunlight.

Keeping it cool means you shouldn’t keep the plants under a high-speed fan or in an air-conditioned room for a long time. It will damage your plants’ health.

plants care during summer

6. Try to keep the plant Dust free and Pest-free:-

When you keep your plants on the balcony or in a window for bright Sunlight, it also welcomes dust and pollution, as also some kind of pest. and when the dust got to settle on the leaves of the plants, it will surely block the sunlight and fresh air to reach the plant. As a result of this, it will make a barrier to plants’ growth.

So try to clean the dust from the house plant. Once a week take a wet wipe, wet towel, or tissue paper and gently clean the dust from the leaves and other parts. You can also use a damp sponge to clean the dust from some of the plant’s Peace lily which has thick leaves. There are some plants from which water should avoid. For that type of plant, you can take a medium painting brush and clean the dust.

Another problem for indoor plants is pests. PThere are many types of pests like mealybugs, mites, etc. They affect the plants’ health too much. They hide in the soil or under the leaves and make trouble for the plants. Common plants pests spread diseases among plants and these can damage your plant health and eventually it can be the cause of your plants death..If you notice that something unusual happening to your plants which can happen to pest infection, immediately take action against the pests.Firstly clean and remove the plant from the soil and treat the plant with some pest-killing medicines. By that time keep the plant separated from other plants and do the treatment.

7. Don’t try to repot during this time:-

Though the reporting is good for the plant’s future. But in the heat wave of summer, you don’t try to repot the plants. During the time of re-potting leaves always get damaged. Your plant will get stressed at this time. and this stress might destroy your plant’s health.

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